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PRODUCT NAME SLH101 Solventless Epoxy Antistatic Paint

BRIEF  Two Pack Solvent-free Can be coated Self-curing Epoxy Antistatic anticorrosive paint

-High hardness, excellent resistance to adhesion
-Good resistance to impact and cathodic disbanding
-Thick coating, fast curing
-Excellent channel electrostatic performance
-Solvent-free, No environmental hazards


HEAT RESISTANCE   Up to 140℃ dry heat
WEATHERABILITY     Some chalking and yellowing will occur with exterior exposure, however this will not detract from the resistance properties of the coating
SOLVENTS         Resists splash and spillage of most varsol, refined petroleum products andmost common alcohols
ACIDS                 Suitable for splash and spillage to common acids
ALKALIS             Suitable for splash and spillage to strong alkalis
SALTS                 Excellent resistance to neutral and alkali salts
WATER               Excellent resistance to immersion in fresh and salt water
ABRASION        Good when fully cured.

USES:Widely used inner wall of the oil storage tanks , with antistatic and corrosion protection

COLOR                        Iron red, light white or according to the requirement of users
DENSITY                       1.4g/cm3
SOLIDS BY VOLUME              97% (mixture)
SOLIDS BY WEIGHT               98%
SPREADING RATE                2.7 m2/kg   (250um DFT)
DRYING TIME(23℃)              Touch  2 Hr    Handle  24 Hr    Full cure 7Days
OVERCOAT INTERVAL(23℃)        Min 8 Hr   Max 7 Days 
STORAGE                               at least 12 months (dry, cool and under cover )
PACKAGING                           Part A: 20kg/ bucket   Part B: 4(5)kg/ bucket
MIXING RATIO (M/M)             Part A : Part B=5:1 or 4:1
CURE TIME(23℃)                none
POT LIFE(23℃)                    1 Hr

DIRECTIONS Before using stir or using dynamic mixer mixing two components completely,Just mix a good raw material and mixing of raw materials before can not be together. Rate of cure will vary depending on temperature and other factors such as ventilation, film thickness, humidity, thinner. The temperature of stir will >15℃, otherwise thinner should be added for needed viscosity after stir.
Overmuch thinner will lead sag and slow cure rate, thin film, thinner should be added after mixed. Practical spreading rates may be reduced 5%—25% for wastage of different application conditions.


STEEL: Steel surface must be prepared by abrasive blast cleaning to ISO Standard Class Sa2.5 or power tool cleaning Class St3. The surface coated by shop primer should be dry, clean and no dirt, take the second descaling where film damaged or corrosion, and achieve Sa2.5 level or St3 level. Clear the zinc salt with high pressure fresh water or  sand . Weld and the damage parts processing to Sa2.5 level or St3 level.
Don’t apply at temperatures below 5℃ or above 40℃. Don’t apply at relative humidity above 85% or when the surface is less than 3℃ above the dew point.
Don’t apply if there is fog, rain, snow or strong wind.
BRUSH/ROLLER: Suitable for small areas only. Apply even coats of the mixed material to the prepared surface. Thin if necessary with up to 0-5% with Epoxy Thinner X-100. Additional coats may be required to attain specified thickness.
CONVENTIONAL SPRAY: Thinning is not normally required, however 0-5% of Epoxy Thinner X-100 can be added.
AIRLESS SPRAY: Thinning is not normally required, however 0-5% of Epoxy Thinner X-100 can be added. Pump ratio is 32:1 or 45:1 and fluid tip is 0.43-0.48 mm.
Overcoating: Aged coating should be tested for lifting by a method such as ‘X’cut or crosshatch methods. If it lifts, remove it. The surface must be free of oil, grease and other contaminants.
Previous coat: Zinc Rich Epoxy Primer, Anticorrosive Epoxy Primer
CLEAN UP: with Epoxy Thinner X-2

SAFETY:Pay attention to the safety precautions before and after using this product. Users should comply with the provision of the respective country or local government. It’s dangerous or deadly to eating it. To avoid inhalation of thinner steams and spray mists.
Use protective wears correctly; the skin and eyes should avoid contacting it. Use with good ventilation. This product is flammable. All sources of ignition must be eliminated in, or near the working area. DO NOT SMOKE. Fight fire with foam, CO2 or dry chemical powder. On burning will emit toxic fumes.

Notes: The data in the manual is get from standard experiments and may be vary from different conditions in use. Please refer to the latest manual if the data is altered and we would not inform specially.


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